Christian Mentoring

CORE Leadership is a dynamic mentoring program designed to equip you with knowledge and skills helping you stand out as a Christian leader in all areas of your life. Mentoring available for everyone including those seeking answers, new believers and future mentors.

What people are saying about us

Hannah K.

Dental Student, Boston University
"Every week I learn something new or it builds upon a previous understanding. I cannot wait to continue growing!"

F. S. 

South Asia
"By the grace of God I get to learn about Him with a mentor who helps me understand." F.S. is a persecuted Christian who is teaching others what he learns through CORE.

Jona  A.

"I am looking forward to anything CORE has to offer. Every course is challenging me. You will get closer to God & grow as a Christian leader."

Sarah S.

Estero, FL
"I have a calling and was feeling frustrated and inadequate. CORE has helped me ALOT and having a mentor walk me through these struggles is amazing." 

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